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The Social Commerce Playbook

The Social Commerce Playbook provides retailers with a blueprint on how to acquire new customers and drive revenue from your social media

The State of Social Media Advertising

The #1 brand goal is to acquire new customers. Learn how brands use and measure social media today to gain new customer engagement and revenue.

Social Commerce is not Dead!

The news that Meta’s Instagram will pull back from its drive into online shopping confirms what many have seen as inevitable for some time.

Research reports

"Social is a massive opportunity to tap into a firehose  of eyeballs by injecting shoppable content into social feeds. It’s very clear, though, that best practice is to direct engaged traffic to the brand site to buy. It’s what most shoppers want, and it enables brands to build an ongoing relationship that turns a first-time shopper into a profitable, repeat shopper."

Charles Nicholls

Chief Strategy Officer for SimplicityDX

Product Videos

"“Customer acquisition cost is a massive challenge for brands and retailers. Some brands now find it cheaper to acquire new customers by delivering personalized paper catalogs to their homes rather than acquire them via digital advertising. This would have been unthinkable just a few years ago when marketing through digital channels was a bargain.”."

Jordan Jewell

Analyst in Residence, VTEX

Webinar Videos

"The math of customer acquisition is broken, Brands are literally leaving money on the table as their customers click through from social to product detail pages. "

Ruth Peters

CMO, SimplicityDX

Research Summary Videos

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