Edge Shopping Lost Revenue Calculator

Shopping at the edge is when a customer starts a shopping journey away from the brand site. It’s the source of most new customer traffic to ecommerce sites. This can provide a highly engaging experience for the customer, but there is often a problem when they click to purchase. Clicking through to the brand site involves crossing channels – and experiences frequently break when crossing channels. The break when crossing channels is costing retailers revenue for every time the experience breaks, calculate your lost revenue with our calculator.

Use the lost revenue calculator to estimate how much revenue you are losing from edge traffic

Lost Revenue Calculator

Poor landing experiences are costly. Use our free calculator to work out just how costly they are for you.

500K 50M
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$5 $5,000

Lost Revenue

Find out how much revenue you are losing due to poor landing experiences.

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What is an Edge Storefront?

Edge storefronts sit in between an edge channel, such as social media, and the back-end ecommerce platform. Seamless integrations into both the channel and the back-end ecommerce services enable marketers to quickly compose highly engaging shopping experiences.

What are the benefits of Edge Storefronts?

Edge Storefronts provide a great shopping experience for customers starting their journeys away from the brand site. Brands can create unique engaging experiences away from the brand site that can acquire new customers and create new revenue streams.

Is an Edge Storefront like a landing page?

An Edge Storefront, is as the name implies, a complete storefront made up of multiple pages that blend content from the channel and make it completely shoppable. An edge storefront could be thought of as a channel or promotion specific microsite that is assembled in a few minutes, designed to get customers from initial interest to the point of purchase.

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