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Instagram Social Commerce Report Summary

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• Instagram Mystery Shopper Research Video

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Charles Nicholls, Chief Strategy Officer at SimplicityDX and social commerce expert, outlines the main findings from the Instagram Mystery Shopper Report.

“All of the leaders in our study are struggling to deliver a good shopping experience on Instagram to a greater or lesser extent,” explained Gerry Widmer, CEO and co-founder at SimplicityDX. “This is an issue that needs fixing for many retailers: As more and more customers start their shopping journeys at the edge, especially on social, there needs to be more focus on making the shopping experience frictionless and fun. Today it falls short.”

Two years after the launch of the first social commerce experience on Instagram Shop, only 16 of the 26 initial retail brands are still using Instagram for checkout. Five are redirecting shoppers to their main brand site, and five are no longer maintaining a presence on Instagram Shop.

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