Research summary

The Cost of a Bounce - from Social Commerce to the Brand Site

In this summary video, Ruth Peters, CMO at SimplictyDX Academy, summarizes the findings from the latest research the Cost of a Bounce.

The summary highlights the cost, reasons and impact of social shoppers high bounce rate from social to the brand site.

The cost of a customer bouncing off a brand website is revealed to be $5.11 and the summary goes on to explain why online shoppers are bouncing at an alarming rate, the impact and what they are not telling brands about their experience.

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Research Findings

Today, in the U.S. alone, 90% of the population — or approximately 302 million people — use social media for an average of 2.5 hours a day. It is no surprise then that brands are on a constant quest to master social, both as a new customer acquisition tool and to inspire returning customers to buy again.

However, it is dangerous to make too many assumptions about a shopper’s social shopping preferences, particularly when it comes to checkout. In this latest survey, SimplicityDX research has consistently shown that 65% of consumers describe social as a great place to discover new products, but only 15% of consumers prefer to check out there. Meaning, most shoppers want to discover products on social media but buy on the brand’s website.

“ The math of customer acquisition is broken. Brands are literally leaving money on the table, as their customers step from social to the product detail page. In fact, for every 10,000 visitors, if 80% bounce, the lost revenue cost to the brand is $40,880. Fix the bounce, and you’ll fix the math,” explained Ruth Peters, co-founder and CMO at SimplicityDX. “But privacy changes have driven up customer acquisition costs to record levels. This research shows that there’s a big opportunity to change the economics of customer acquisition by focusing on the post-click experience.”

Why Do Shoppers Bounce?

The top three reasons shoppers bounced in the SimplicityDX Academy study were (multiple answers allowed):

55% – Couldn’t find the product shown on social or it looked different.37% – Product was too expensive.31% – Product was out of stock.

The disconnected experience that shoppers encounter as they step from social to the brand site causes customer frustration and loss of revenue.

Listen to the summary video and download the report to discover the cost, reasons and impact of a bounce from social media to the brand site and don't miss the advice from shoppers on what brands need to do to stop them bouncing.

Download the full report here -

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