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How Impulse Purchases Can Harm Your Brand


Social media impulse purchases harm your brand

About 65% of consumers describe social media as a great place to discover new brands and products.

But are these impulse purchases helping businesses grow?

Key Findings

  • 70% of consumers describe social as a “great place to discover new products” (SimplicityDX)
  • People spend an average of 2.5 hours a day on social platforms (GWI)
  • 50% of 1000 online shoppers that use social made an impulse purchase in the last 90 days
  • 55% of shoppers report they couldn't find the product or the product looked different
  • 56% of shoppers regret impulse buys from social media
  • 59% of consumers unhappy with impulse purchases due to quality / value

Leading brands don’t encourage impulse purchases

Learn how you can continue to use social media for marketing and advertising your brand, without falling for the impulse purchase trap.

Watch the Summary Video

“Impulse purchases on social aren’t good for brands in other ways too - these sales don't result in new customers being acquired, rather products sold to anonymous buyers where over half of them aren’t happy.

The secret to brand profitability is building a base of customer fans that come back to buy again and again, and tell their friends. This requires delivering on the promise every time. It also needs a direct relationship with the customer to drive those critical repeat sales that unlock profitability.”

Charles Nicholls
Industry veteran and analyst at SimplicityDX Academy

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