Our Mission

Make delightful user experiences.

At SimplicityDX we understand that the customer's eCommerce expectations just keep getting higher and higher. Less than perfect and it impacts your revenue and brand reputation.

We also understand that the eCommerce journey has changed. It is increasingly starting at the edge and crossing multiple touch-points on its path to the brand site.

These multi-step journeys cause a wide range of customer frustrations, from product availability and out-of-context landing experiences to slow loading pages, errors, broken links, and poor usability. Whatever the issue the result is a costly revenue leak.

Our mission is to identify and fix costly social commerce and eCommerce revenue leaks, fast. To provide our clients with the tools to fix customer frustrations, and to create delightful user experiences.

The SimplicityDX team is dedicated to your success and brings an unrivalled range of eCommerce expertise, gained from a wide spectrum of startups, eCommerce retailers and leading software companies.

The importance of good and honest customer support is never underestimated at SimplicityDX and helping you get the highest value possible from our services is always front of mind for the team.

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about us

A global customer focused team.

Our North American operations are run from our U.S. headquarters in San Diego, California.

Our operations in EMEA and the rest of the world are from our European Headquarters in Windsor.

OUr Team

Board of Directors & Advisors

Gerry Widmer
Chief Executive Officer and Director
Charles Nicholls
Chief Strategy Officer and Director
Steve Brown
Director and Advisor
Moritz Zimmermann
Advisor and Lead Investor, 42CAP
Simon Murdock
Advisor and Lead Investor, Episode1

Management Team

Gerry Widmer
Chief Executive Officer and Director
Charles Nicholls
Chief Strategy Officer and Director
James Wood
VP Product
Ruth Peters
Chief Marketing Officer
Quinlan Morake
Chief Technology Officer
OUr Team


42CAP are seasoned entrepreneurs turned investors. With Hybris and eCircle they previously built two of Europe's largest B2B software companies culminating in $1.6b cash exitsto SAP and Teradata respectively. The 42CAP credo Peers amongst Entrepreneurs is reflected in their investment approach, with which they support data- and technology-driven business models, product-focused founders and sustainable venture development. This background is appreciated by founder personalities, such as Nicolas Reboud (SHINE, Paris), Kristjan Vilosius (Katana, Tallinn), Gregor Stühler (scoutbee, Würzburg), Ben Askew(Packlink, Madrid), Konstantin Mehl (Kaia Health, Munich) and Alex Igelsböck (Adverity, Vienna). Find more: www.42cap.com as well as https://medium.com/42cap

Episode1 are a seed stage Venture Capital fund, investing in early stage software companies in the UK. The eight strong team is a combination of former entrepreneurs and experienced investor with connections with deep connections in Silicon Valley.

Episode1 are passionate about the technologies, the ideas and the business models that are reshaping the world. But most of all, they love the dreamers, the technologists and the creators that are making this happen. This means helping the founders across all areas of early stage company building, from hiring to refining the Go To Market strategy to making crucial introductions. Find more: https://episode1.com/

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