Research Reports

The Social Commerce Playbook

In this playbook, we’ll show you how to drive ecommerce sales from social advertising.

This involves taking an end to-end performance view, and a close examination of the post-click experience, where there is huge opportunity to improve experience and fundamentally change the math of customer acquisition.

Most brands view social as the most important channel for new customer acquisition.

The combination of creators, influencers, and a stream of fresh consumer eyeballs make it a unique place to attract new customers.

However, social media ad targeting has become harder due to changes in consumer privacy regulations and Apple’s Ask App Not to Track.

With platforms being forced to take away some of the targeting options, it’s becoming harder for brands to cost-effectively acquire customers.

In this playbook, we draw on first party data from The SimplicityDX Academy and decades of best practice learning to help brands understand:

  • Where customers want to buy
  • Where brands need to sell
  • How the social conversion funnel broke
  • What causes customers to bounce?
  • How consumers use social as part of their buying process
  • How to make the socials ales funnel work
  • Four steps to create great landing experiences for social traffic
  • Campaign Stores
  • Measuring social revenues
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