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Optimize Shopping at the edge

Many eCommerce journeys now start at the edge.

But edge shopping experiences are often poor, especially when they start at social media. We fix them!

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Social commerce is where customers discover products and brands need to be there.

The brand site is the winner

Many customers now discover products on social, but most want to checkout on the eCommerce brand site. This causes a big problem: clicking through from social to the brand eCommerce site is generally a very poor experience.

Broken landing experiences

Unfortunately, landing experiences from a social network to the brand website are often broken:  bad links, incorrect pages, product inconsistencies and out-of-stock issues.

Costing brands revenue

The result? 81% of customers claim poor website landing experiences when linking from social networks, causing $700 billion in lost annual revenue from the product detail page alone.

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SimplicityDX fixes edge shopping experiences

The SimplicityDX Edge experience platform optimizes shopping journeys between multiple edge touch points and the core eCommerce platform.

How? Starting with campaigns at the edge, SimplicityDX tracks journeys end to end, while monitoring inventory levels and the customer’s experience on the commerce site.

The result? We show you exactly where to focus to deliver a seamless and optimized shopping experience.

Discover opportunities across campaigns and product ranges

See which campaigns are driving the most traffic to individual product lines to help understand performance and predict demand for individual variants more accurately.

Act on customer out of stock frustrations

Customers expect promoted products to be in stock, but frequently they aren’t. Identify marketing campaigns which are sending traffic to products with inventory issues, allowing you to pause campaigns and redirect the ad budget.
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See the monetary impact of bad experiences

SimplicityDX makes it simple to focus your efforts on the biggest customer experience frustrations and see how much they are costing you. Alerts inform the right people to new issues on the fly for speed of resolution.

Fix promotional landing experiences

See how landing experiences are impacting campaign performance. Go straight to the point of frustrations, watch the replay and see the technical request and response data so actions happen quickly.

SimplicityDX: frictionless eCommerce

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Optimizing Edge Shopping Experiences

Shopping at the Edge




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Enables you to optimize the edge shopping experiences for the first time.

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Many shopping journeys start at the edge

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Crossing channels leads to broken experiences

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Landing on the brand site is often a poor experience


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September 9, 2022

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September 8, 2022
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