Social Commerce Is Broken, Learn How to Fix It!

social commerce is broken
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  • How more shopping journeys in 2022 start on social media.
  • When to use social checkout and when to direct traffic to your eCommerce site.
  • How to stop the 14% of site revenue leaking from social traffic.
  • The frustrations shoppers have with social shopping.  
  • How to drive higher return on ad spend from social channels.

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About the Speaker

Charles Nicholls is a social commerce expert and board advisor to several e-commerce startups. He founded SeeWhy, a real-time personalization and machine learning platform, which was sold to SAP. Serving as SVP of product, he built SAP Upscale Commerce, an e-commerce platform for direct-to-consumer brands and the mid-market. Today, Charles serves as founding director and chief strategy officer for SimplicityDX, the edge experience company.

Charles has worked on strategy and projects for leading e-commerce companies worldwide, including Amazon, eBay, Google and many others.