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Ruth Peters

Ruth Peters is an innovative and strategic business leader with a proven history in, digital media and go to market strategy.

Her creative and results-oriented approach has helped transform marketing technology organisations to meet ambitious growth targets and the newest digital trends. As a founder member and company director of VYRE Ltd, Ruth was fundamental to the company’s growth and sale to Accel KKR in December 2012.

During the 10 years working at VYRE, Ruth led the sales and marketing operations and worked with a wide range of top brands and helped the company win recognition from leading analysts and industry awards. While at VYRE Ruth published "The Future of Segmentation" that discusses the movement to the concept of segments of one.

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Ruth Peters

Social Commerce

The Truth about Meta's Social Commerce Market Share

As shopping increasingly moves to the edge, social is launching its shopping capabilities. However, it’s safe to say that social commerce is synonymous with Meta at this point in time. But does that mean that Meta apps are the most valuable for brands in social commerce?
August 5, 2022
Customer Experience

Why is Shopping Cart Abandonment Such a Problem?

Shopping cart abandonment rates hover at around 70% across all industries — and have done for the last few years. It’s a pretty alarming number when you take it at face value.
August 5, 2022

Impulse Buying in Social Commerce: Fact or Fiction?

Impulse can be a powerful motivator – it’s why there’s candy at grocery store checkouts and why low-cost products are stocked by the registers in stores. Humans are susceptible to temptation, and retailers know just how to cash in.
July 27, 2022

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