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SimplicityDX Reinvents Social Commerce With Edge Storefronts

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  • Makes any content, on any channel shoppable in minutes
  • Dramatically reduces CAC and boosts ROAS
  • Generative AI automatically creates pages and storefronts

SAN DIEGO and LONDON — Feb. [16], 2023 — SimplicityDX, the edge shopping company, today announced the immediate availability of AI-powered Edge Storefronts for social commerce. Edge Storefronts help brands acquire more customers and drive campaign revenue from social media by creating multichannel and campaign-specific e-commerce stores in minutes. A video explainer with a brief product demo is available at

For the first time, brands can turn the rich, aspirational experience of social media into full shopping experiences that drive customers from product discovery through to purchase. Rich media from social and other edge touch points are blended into immersive shoppable experiences directly connected to the specific content they’re engaging with on social media.

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Real-time integration synchronizes product, promotion and price data, enabling seamless shopping experiences where shoppers check out using the brand’s existing e-commerce back end. For example, a brand advertising on social media can build a campaign-specific storefront in minutes, dramatically boosting Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and cutting Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

Up until this point, brands promoting products refer the majority of their campaign traffic to their e-commerce product detail page. Data from Kibo Commerce shows that traffic from the edge landing on the product page suffers from 72% higher bounce rates and 50% lower conversion rates than traffic landing on any other page. This exceptionally poor performance results in a revenue leak equivalent to 14% of all e-commerce revenue from directing traffic to pages and products customers are not interested in.

Gerry Widmer, co-founder and chief executive officer of SimplicityDX, commented, “There’s a massive experience gap between ‘social’ and ‘commerce’ as online shoppers click through from social media to the brand site. Every year, $700 billion of revenue leaks from product detail pages as traffic from the edge lands there. SimplicityDX revolutionizes customer acquisition by changing the fundamental math of ROAS and CAC.”


The New Math of Marketing

Using SimplicityDX, brands can fundamentally change the unit economics of new customer acquisition by directing traffic from the edge to dedicated storefronts. A 20-point reduction in the bounce rate of landing traffic leads to 44% more traffic flowing down the conversion funnel and, if coupled with a similar improvement in conversion rate, a 73% increase in revenue and an overall 42% reduction in customer acquisition cost.

Charles Nicholls, chief strategy officer and co-founder at SimplicityDX, said, “Having a storefront for each promotion gives customers a far more relevant experience and fundamentally changes the math of marketing. We’ve seen consistently lower bounce rates and conversion rates of up to 8%, cutting the cost of customer acquisition by more than half in some cases.”


Introducing Edge Storefronts

Edge Storefronts for social commerce provide a frictionless shopping experience by blending social media content with back-end e-commerce services to make it fully shoppable.

Edge Storefronts extend existing e-commerce platforms, pushing shopping out to the edge, where customers are spending their time. Seamless integrations into both the channel and the back-end e-commerce services enable marketers to quickly compose highly engaging shopping experiences. This allows brands to build promotional storefronts for every campaign running across a wide variety of media, including social media, email, search or advertising on any channel.

Ken Doyle, CEO of Luzern eCommerce, commented, “SimplicityDX Edge Storefronts plug the gaping hole between ‘social’ and ‘commerce’ where experiences break and customer acquisition costs skyrocket. We are very excited to be working with the SimplicityDX team to make social advertising more effective and transform the economics of commerce for direct-to-consumer brands in the U.S. and Europe.”


SimplicityDX AI-Powered Platform

The SimplicityDX Edge Shopping Platform is the first SaaS software to enable brands to build Edge Storefronts for every campaign, on any media. Now, every piece of content, anywhere, can have its own Edge Storefront, created in minutes by marketers or auto-generated by artificial intelligence (AI).

The SimplicityDX Edge Shopping Platform breaks new ground by enabling brands to generate complete e-commerce storefronts and pages using AI. These storefronts are continually optimized to match the intent of traffic arriving on site with content that drives the highest engagement and revenues. This continuous, real-time process is fully automated, using AI to experiment with different content treatments and learn what is working best for each promotion and channel at any moment in time. This approach is covered by a U.S. patent (pending).

“As a direct-to-consumer-only brand, creating content across all our social channels is key to our digital marketing strategy,” said Andy Chiu, general manager at KraveBeauty. “The SimplicityDX Edge Shopping Platform makes this content shoppable in minutes, giving customers a more streamlined user experience. We are excited to see how the SimplicityDX platform increases conversion from our social channels.”

The SimplicityDX Edge Shopping Platform is available immediately in the U.S. and U.K. markets. SimplicityDX supports all major social networks and features out-of-the-box integration with Shopify. Other e-commerce platforms are planned to be added in the coming months.

A complimentary, 20-minute webinar, “79% of the money Brands spend on social advertising is wasted!,” will be offered on Tuesday, April 4th, at 10 a.m. PDT (6 p.m. BST). Key topics for discussion include how to change the unit economics of new customer acquisition with the introduction of Edge Storefronts for social, email and other edge touch points. Register for the webinar at


About SimplicityDX

The SimplicityDX Edge Shopping Platform makes any content shoppable, anywhere, in minutes with Edge Storefronts. SimplicityDX changes the math of marketing for brands by dramatically reducing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and boosting Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). Founded by a team of industry veterans in May 2021 and funded by venture capital, SimplicityDX operates in the U.S. and U.K. markets. For more information, visit or connect on LinkedIn.




SimplicityDX, SimplicityDX Edge Shopping Platform, and Edge Storefronts are trademarks of SimplicityDX Inc. All other brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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