Watch the Webinar - Social Commerce is Broken: How to Fix it

Ruth Peters
May 19, 2022

Missed out on the Social Commerce Webinar? Check out the session, " Social Commerce is Broken: How to Fix it " at your leisure.

Click here to watch the video recording

The session, led by eCommerce expert, Charles Nicholls, focuses on:

·       Where do customers want to shop?

·       What happens when customers click through to the brand site?

·       What impact do promotions have on experience?

·       How to fix the Product Detail Page for social traffic

·       Should brands sell on social?

·       Recommended approach for brands


Feedback from the event:

"Good insights, clear and honest presentation."

"Great presentation! Thank you."

"Superb webinar! Really helpful data."

watch the webinar social commerce is broken and how to fix it
Watch the webinar - Social Commerce is Broken: How to Fix it

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Many shopping  journeys now start from the edge, spanning multiple touchpoints, especially social.
  • Online shoppers like social media for discovering products and prefer brand sites for buying products (71%).
  • Key social shopping issues: Finding products, inventory, returns, authenticity, privacy, consistency, poor brand experience, not ready to buy.
  • Promotions exacerbate the issue - don't promote low stock, fast moving items on social. 
  • Product Detail Page (PDP) is a conversion killer, due to poor experiences.

Download the assets to learn:

  • How to fix the product detail page.
  • The revenue cost to brands of a poor PDP landing experience.
  • When to use (and not use) social commerce. 
  • Key lessons for brands.


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Watch the Webinar - Social Commerce is Broken: How to Fix it

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