The State of Social Commerce 2022

Social Commerce helps you get shoppable content to the right people, at the right time. But building a seamless shopping experience has its challenges.

The State of Social Commerce brings all the insights needed to optimize performance.

Key Contents:

  • Why customers buy and don't buy on social commerce.
  • Top tips for social commerce and eCommerce professionals.
  • The latest consumer statistics on shopping preferences, trust levels, live shopping, customer experience, influencers, inventory and more.

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Survey Preview

With the average person spending 2.5 hours on social media per day, it is not surprising that over 25% of a marketer’s budget is forecast to be spent on social media marketing in 2022.

However, the State of Social Commerce study shows that the landscape is riddled with customer frustrations that impact revenue performance and brand reputation, costing brands significant revenue leaks.

  • 16% of online shoppers have purchased from a live streaming event in the last 90 days.
  • 81% report poor website landing experiences, from social to brand site

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