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Last updated:
April 2nd 2024
What do we offer our customers?

We offer a multi-tenant Software-as-a-service (“SaaS”)platform designed to manage, distribute, and publish your non-sensitive, public, editorial/marketing digital content that you choose to connect to it. SaaS is a way for users to access software through the internet, typically viaa subscription service.

The main characteristics of our services are:

(a) Multi-Tenancy 

Multi-tenancy architecture means that all our customers and applications share a single, common infrastructure and code base that is centrally maintained by us. Because all our customers are on the same infrastructure and code base, this allows us to innovate more quickly and save the valuable development time previously spent on maintaining numerous versions of outdated code for individual users.

(b) Off-the-shelf platform 

While we provide limited licenses to use each other’s materials under the MSSA (solely to provide professional services), we will not create any custom IP, custom deliverables, or works-made-for-hire for customers, so there is no IP ownership transfer between us because it’s a pure multi-tenant play.

(c) You own your content 

We do not access, modify, select, combine, use, nor own your content. You alone determine all use of content.

What kind of content is stored in our platform?

Your team can use our platform to create, store, and manage a variety of content formats - from text and images to social media content and structured product catalog data. All this content is intended for the wider public and is freely accessible through your websites, mobile apps, digital kiosks, etc.

The public nature of editorial content means it is not subject to confidentiality or privacy restrictions. The platform is not designed to handle, process, store, or be used for sensitive personal information or highly confidential information.

Because our platform was built to serve editorial content, that has certain legal and technical implications for the type of content you deliver through our platform. We do not have visibility or access to the data you upload on our platform. Storing typical editorial content is acceptable which includes:

Social posts

Product information

Product pricing and promotional data

Inventory data

Store locations and hours

Photo galleries and short videos

We strongly discourage you from storing any sensitive, regulated, or ephemeral content on our platform, including:

Sensitive data such as user accounts, email addresses, payment details, private keys Personal data (also known as personally identifiable information, or PII). Because our service is intended for public information that you wish to publish, we specifically do not allow personal data that is sensitive or so called special categories of personal data (as these are defined in applicable laws), or any regulated data (which may include data such as health, medical or financial data).

Can you change or amend your agreement with us?

Offering custom legal terms would incur a lot of additional costs making it unsustainable for us to offer self-service plans at the current price levels. So, we do not support: (a) any changes to our online terms, (b) signing any additional agreements, nor (c) carrying out custom security audits.

What are the underlying agreements to use our platform?

Your use of our platform will be governed by our Master Subscription and Services Agreement (“MSSA”). Our Data Processing Addendum (“DPA”) is incorporated into the MSSA, and available on our website. The DPA covers all personal data that customers may upload to our platform.

Do we have a Code of Conduct?

Yes, all our employees must adhere to our robust Code of Conduct tailored to our services/industry and it cannot be modified on a per-customer basis, nor can we agree to various customer codes of conduct that could contain obligations to which we do not comply or conflict with ours.

How do we deal with data protection regulations?

Our DPA ensures compliance with any data privacy legislation applicable to our services. It covers GDPR, UK Data Protection Act, and Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection requirements, incorporates the applicable standard contractual clauses, and addresses CCPA/CPRA compliance for California customers. It is specifically tailored to our services and cannot be modified on a per-customer basis.

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