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If you too have been struggling to drive more revenue from social media, it's time to avail our exclusive offer for you and see how you can cut customer acquisition costs in half! 

Cut social media customer acquisition cost in half

With just a few clicks build campaign stores for all your social ads and posts. 

Turn the rich, aspirational content of social media into a full shopping experience!

Keep customers engaged with what captures their interest the most and  acquire new customers at half the cost to drive in more business revenue from the channel.

ModCloth reduces their customer acquisition costs by 50% with SimplicityDX’s AI Social Storefronts

See how a fashion and apparel brand uses AI campaign stores by SimplicityDX to reduce bounce rate and customer acquisition costs on social media.

Hours  to launch 
Decrease in customer acquisition costs 
Decrease in social media bounce rate 
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Online shopping now happens on social media and that's where your commerce strategy should be

47% of consumers discover new brands and products on social media today. While the traditional customer acquisition process takes them from social content to brand sites, the buying journey is often broken - that leads to compromised customer experiences, and much higher customer acquisition costs.

Buying journeys on social media are broken

Clicking through ad campaigns or social media content to the brand site often leads to disconnected experiences.

From product unavailability, inconsistent landing page, loss of context, broken links and more, broken buyer journeys are costing your brand $5 for every bounce! SimplicityDX AI campaign stores turn your social content into shoppable stores as soon as a buyer clicks on them.

There is a lack of relevance between social and brand sites

No two social shoppers have the same interest or intent when clicking through your content or campaign visuals. 

Traditional landing pages are not designed to handle different interests or create multiple buyer journeys at once, which leads to a break in context, lower engagement rates, decreased conversions and a very high bounce rate!  

But you can capture all intent and drive new revenue from social media

Double your revenue for the same ad spend by targeting all traffic and capturing all intent.

Our built-in AI engine tunes experiences to show the most relevant content based on the promoted social media content. We focus on creating shopping experiences through what interests the shopper the most, engaging all buyers - hot warm and cold.

"With SimplicityDX our paid social ads and organic posts are sent to a shoppable storefront. All the items in the post are made shoppable. Plus, I love that you can showcase all the other social posts on the page as well. This has helped us extend the aspirational experience we create for buyers on social media, wow! "

Anh Vu-Lieberman,
CEO of ModCloth

Make the most of social commerce

SimplicityDX AI Social Campaign Stores are designed to help you bring the best of social media and commerce experiences together in seconds.

Stop the bounce by creating engaging shopping experiences

Leverage top of funnel merchandizing hooks to to encourage product browsing and increase add to cart and average order value.

From displaying all the products in the promoted content to showcasing related items available on the store, keep the social shopper engaged! 

Drag and drop editor to launch multi-page campaign stores in minutes

Our no-code builder gives you complete control over the campaign store layout and the experience you want to deliver. 

Just pick an add from your socials, then pick a product or category does the rest for you, building out a complete campaign microsite in minutes.

Dynamic page optimization for more conversions

Our AI powered machine learning algorithm optimizes all campaign store pages on auto to show the most engaging content for each campaign and shopper.

Identify purchase inspiration

Simplify social media attribution with SimplicityDX. 

We help you find out which social media posts or campaigns inspired the consumer to start their shopping journeys with your brand. 

Double down on campaigns that are proven to work!

Own your customer data

Control the entire customer journey from browsing to checkout. 

Capture data and sync back to the platforms you already use (email, customer data etc) to boost customer retention.

Double your sales from social media with SimplicityDX.

Discover the full potential of social commerce by enabling seamless shopping journeys for your audience with AI powered campaign stores.

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