Tackling the Retail Customer Acquisition Crisis in 2024

Practical Strategies to drive more revenue from paid social and reduce CAC.

2023 was a perfect storm that created a customer acquisition cost crisis. Increased privacy restrictions made precise targeting harder, reducing ad effectiveness, and it’s not going to be any easier in 2024.

In this webcast we explore strategies for acquiring customers more cost-effectively and driving more revenue from paid social.

Stop the Crisis

Customer Acquisition costs have rocketed 222% in the last 10 years, impacting retailers growth and profitability.

What You will Learn

  • The impact of rising acquisition costs, dark social, & privacy regulations
  • How customer acquisition journeys have changed
  • Why the traditional e-commerce funnel isn’t working for new customer acquisition
  • How to reduce your Customer Acquisition Cost in 2024
  • Understanding Dark Social, how it impacts your metrics, and how to measure it.

Who Should Attend?

This is for e-commerce and executive leadership in consumer brands, retailers and agencies using paid social to acquire new customers.

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