New ways to cut CAC in 2024

Practical Strategies to cut your Customer Acquisition Cost and boost ROAS.

Customer acquisition just costs too much. It’s risen by 222% in the last ten years limiting how brands can grow.

In this executive briefing, we’ll share the latest research on how customers buy and how leading companies are changing the dynamics of advertising, how they acquire new customers and ultimately how their advertising campaigns perform.

Learn how ModCloth cut CAC by 50%

New techniques to boost advertising performance can move the needle significantly. In this executive briefing we'll show you how.

What You will Learn

  • Three new techniques to cut CAC
  • New Top of Funnel best practices to get new customers to buy for the first time
  • How ModCloth cut its Customer Acquisition Cost in half using these techniques.

Who Should Attend?

This is for e-commerce and executive leadership in consumer brands, retailers and agencies using paid social to acquire new customers.

Free online briefing

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The DXacademy is a consumer behavior think tank that conducts primary research and offers digital experience best practices for brands. Its annual State of Social Commerce report provides an authoritative analysis of how US consumers use social media to shop.
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