What Gen Z Thinks About Holiday Season Shopping 2022

In this new first party data report, we dig deep into the hearts and minds of Gen Z to reveal the future of social shopping.

This report helps you understand the buying decisions, fears and frustrations of today's shoppers, to help optimize social and eCommerce operations.

Report Summary

Gen Z are shaped by their environment, super sharp when it comes to technology, and tireless in their pursuit of quality and meaning.

Download the full report lo learn significant discoveries on Gen Z and the difference between Gen Z and the older demographics, to fully reveal the changing social shopping landscape.

  • Peak season 2022, shopping and checkout preferences
  • Key purchase triggers for the holiday season 2022
  • Opinions and preferences on live shopping
  • The importance of brand and network trust for Gen Z
  • Customer experience, quality and meaning to Gen Z

Sample Finding - Digitally native Gen Z shoppers are adopting social commerce more than other generations - 93% of Gen Z consumers use social media for shopping and 62% have purchased an item via social channels in the last 90 days.

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