Survey ReSults anD Key Strategies

Social Commerce Returns Playbook

Key Strategies to avoid product return frustrations

Social commerce may be in its infancy, but online shoppers are not. They expect to be able to return a product with ease.

The impact of a poor experience is two thirds of shoppers show increased caution about making future purchases.

Survey Results and Key Strategies

Download the Playbook and learn:

In the Social Commerce Returns Survey 1002 US consumers were surveyed to provide an important first picture into a customers' experience when buying using social checkout and returning a product.

Our latest research shows that 66% of shoppers show caution after returning a product brought on social media networks. And 60% think the Amazon return experience is much easier.

Playbook Includes:

  • Where people are buying on social networks
  • Social commerce return rates and other key stats
  • The highs and the lows of the social commerce returns experience
  • Impact of poor experience
  • Key strategies & best practice advice

"Returns are an inevitable part of social commerce, as it is more difficult to visualize products online.

Whilst there is a need to reduce costs around the returns process, if retailers remove friction, it can also yield a significant competitive advantage"
Gerry Widmer, CEO SimplicityDX