Benchmark your Instagram shopping experience against the leaders

The SimplicityDX Benchmarking Service enables retailers to benchmark their own Instagram shopping experiences against the Instagram launch brands.

As early adopters and innovators in their field there is lots to learn from the 26 launch brands, that includes Dior, H&M, Micheal Kors, Nike Prada and Zara.

Benchmarking your Instagram Performance:

The social commerce benchmark criteria is extensive and includes detailed analysis of the 7 stages of social commerce:

  • Consistency - The look and feel between the brand site and the social channel.
  • Navigation - How easy can a shopper navigate through the social media presence?
  • Product - What proportion of the product range is on social, is availability an issue?
  • Checkout - How seamless is the checkout? Is the social experience reflected?
  • Post purchase experience - Are notifications and delivery timely and working in unison?
  • Communication - Are communications branded consistently and in step, at all times?
  • Returns - How intuitive is the returns process, can it be done independently?

At SimplicityDX we are now offering you a chance to benefit from the same benchmarking framework used in our research. The reports breaks down your company score for each stage and also provides a comparative Instagram launch brands score.

PLUS, you will receive a complimentary version of the 34 page Instagram Mystery Shopper Report, which details the brands performance, highlights key areas for retail brands to improve and makes recommendations for retail brands to leverage Instagram.

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