Drive New Revenue from Social

Edge storefronts provide a frictionless shopping experience by blending the content from the edge with back end eCommerce services to make it fully shoppable.

Create Social Storefronts for Every Campaign, Instantly

With just a few clicks of the mouse, every campaign or piece of content can have its own storefront, created instantaneously. Simply create product, category and social home pages with a few clicks of your mouse to provide a true social shopping experience that customers will love.  The storefront can live on your own domain providing peace of mind for your customers.

Create a Social Homepage

Create a fully shoppable social home page where customers can browse through all your promoted and featured social content, mirroring the aspirational style from your social media. Add in merchandising banners, featured videos, Influencer and User Generated Content and more. Direct traffic to your new social home page from your social link in Bio  and from your brands site top menu.

Stop the Bounce. Drive the Sales.

Traffic landing on the Product Detail Page leads to very high bounce rates and half the conversion rate of any other page. SimplicityDX storefronts use automatically generated merchandising hooks to entice hesitant shoppers to explore your brand more. Blend social and product content to engage shoppers of all different levels of intent. Build your own custom hooks with just a few simple clicks for custom merchandising.

Discover which campaigns are driving the most sales with integrated analytics

Real-time insights into your social storefront performance across campaign, product and channel:

  • Breakdown of what social channels are converting the best and associated revenue
  • Which storefront social campaign is performing the best
  • What channels are performing the best
  • See real-time feed of orders that are coming from social
  • Track what percentage of overall revenue is coming from social

AI Powered Optimisation

SimplicityDX storefronts are automatically optimised by AI and machine learning to show shoppers the most engaging content and products they are most likely to buy.

Keep ownership of your customer data & encourage long-term customer relationship

Control the entire customer journey from browsing to checkout with shoppable storefronts. Extend the social experience within an environment that you control. Capture data and sync back to the platforms you already use ( email, customer data etc).

Real-time integration with your commerce platform

Real time integration synchronises product, promotion and price data automatically with your existing ecommerce back end. Customers to checkout using your ecommerce system, capturing customer data and consent so that you can market to your new customers to drive repeat sales.

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