Cut Customer Acquisition Costs in half and drive new revenue from Social

Automated campaign microsites provide a frictionless shopping experience, engaging shoppers, stopping the bounce and cutting CAC.

Create AI powered campaign microsites in just a few clicks

Simply select an ad, chose a category or product and SimplicityDX does the rest for you, building out an AI optimized campaign microsite automatically.

Multiple A/B tests have shown that campaign microsites built this way drive up to 300% more revenue from the same ad spend, boosting ROAS dramatically.

Get them engaged with infinite scroll

A rich blend of social, brand and product content engages new and returning visitors and encourages them to explore multiple paths to tease out their interest and level of intent.

SimplicityDX uses ‘Infinite scroll’ to eliminate dead ends and get more customers engaging. The results are that more customer buy, increasing revenues and reducing Customer Acquisition Costs significantly.

Stop the Bounce. Engage new customers.

Most of the traffic landing on product pages bounces off leading to poor ROAS and high Customer Acquisition Costs.

SimplicityDX campaign microsites are much more relevant to more shoppers, encouraging brand discovery and cutting bounce rates dramatically.

Contact us for a demo to see how this works in action.

Measure the full impact of your social campaigns

Dark Social makes measurement of social campaign revenues especially hard. New customers rarely buy on the first visit, making it impossible to accurately track social revenues.

SimplicityDX makes it easy to measure the true impact of your social campaigns by getting customers to attribute their purchases.

The SimplicityDX Insights dashboard shows you:

  • Which social channels are driving revenue
  • Your Customer Acquisition Costs for each campaign
  • Which channels are performing the best
  • Real-time orders from social campaigns

AI / ML Powered

SimplicityDX uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning extensively to make it easy to build and deploy complete microsites in minutes.  

Campaign microsites are continuously optimised to show the most engaging content at any given moment based on real time product availability and what's working in real time for each campaign.

Keep ownership of your customer data & encourage long-term customer relationship

Control the entire customer journey from browsing to checkout with shoppable storefronts.

Extend the social experience within an environment that you control. Capture data and sync back to the platforms you already use ( email, customer data etc).

Real-time integration with your commerce platform

Real time integration synchronises product, promotion and price data automatically with your existing ecommerce back end.

SimplicityDX plugs into your existing product catalog, cart and checkout flow. Customers checkout using your existing ecommerce system, capturing customer data and consent so that you can market to your new customers to drive repeat sales.

See how it works by booking a demo today

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