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ModCloth reduces their customer acquisition costs by 50% with SimplicityDX’s AI Social Storefronts

See how a fashion and apparel brand uses AI social storefronts by SimplicityDX to reduce bounce rate and customer acquisition costs on social media.

Hours to launch 
Decrease in customer acquisition costs 
Decrease in social media bounce rate 

About ModCloth

Dreamt up in a LA dorm room in 2002 by a girl who loved vintage fashion, ModCloth still stays true to this aesthetic through their classic meets contemporary designs. While it's outgrown the dorm room and were acquired by Nogin in2021, ModCloth are still a small team committed to providing customers with beautiful vintage-inspired fashion in inclusive sizes, made ethically by factories around the world.

"As a vintage inspired fashion brand, we cater to a wide target audience and work hard to make our collection inclusive. Our ethos is best shared on social media, which means social platforms drive more than 50% of our customer acquisition."

Anh Vu-Lieberman,
CEO of ModCloth


ModCloth has a powerful presence on social media owing to the content shared by the brand, as well as its customers. Social is at the heart of ModCloth’s strategy, which drives 52% of its sales, so it was natural to seek new ways to improve the social shopping experience for its customers and drive efficiencies into its top of funnel customer acquisition.  

Most social advertising campaigns would drive traffic to a category or product detail page. But in common with all brands, this approach led to a disconnect between the vibrancy of social and the cold practicality of shopping found in eCommerce today. The jump from the aspirational and user generated content on social to a category or product detail page was causing a disconnect in context and buyer interest. 

For example, ModCloth introduces new products every two weeks, so promoting its ‘New Arrivals’ category is a regular task. Ads typically feature three hot items from the category and link to a category page. This presents and immediate challenge for the shopper landing on the category page: how to find one of the three items featured in the ad in the category listing. On a smartphone, this could be many swipes to find the product that had caught the shopper’s eye.


By implementing SimplicityDX, within a few clicks, ModCloth generated an entire self-learning social storefront. Storefronts are collections of social pages centered around a core landing experience. The experience is generated from a social post or advert, providing a visual bridge between the social ad and the shopping experience.

Given that shoppers can have many different intents when clicking through from the ad, a social storefront provides easy navigation to related products, categories, and lots more. This content rich and yet relevant experience meets the needs of different intents to encourage exploration of the brand while staying within the original social context.  

Merchandising hooks are the key to keeping shoppers engaged, as they enable exploration of a wide range of content including related products and categories, the brand story, hot social campaigns, reviews and much more

AI social storefronts for ModCloth, enabled it to:

Turn all content into shoppable posts - images, videos and user generated content

Create comprehensive shopping storefronts for social media promotions

Offer a contextual experience for shoppers by weaving in their social content with the commerce features

Seamlessly integrate the storefront with their own eCommerce checkout flow

Integrated with their existing tech stack – Shopify, Nosto and Yotpo, for a seamless experience

The introduction of Storefronts has enabled ModCloth to bridge the gap between social and eCommerce and replace the cold landing of a category or product detail page with an AI generated Storefront. The Storefronts rapidly transform any social post or advert into a shoppable experience, capturing the interest of shoppers more effectively and improving performance.

"With SimplicityDX our paid social ads and organic posts are sent to a shoppable storefront. All the items in the post are made shoppable. Plus, I love that you can showcase all the other social posts on the page as well. This has helped us extend the aspirational experience we create for buyers on social media, wow! "

Anh Vu-Lieberman,
CEO of ModCloth


Since optimizing it's social media strategy with SimplicityDX Social Storefronts, ModCloth has been able to see improvements in both referral traffic conversions and bounce rates:

17% decrease
in social media traffic bounce, reducing bounce rate from 39% to 32%.
50% decrease
in customer acquisition costs, reducing CAC from $35 to $17.6.

The brand has also noticed an improvement in the customer shopping experience on social media, creating a more engaged community.

"As a social brand, implementing SimplicityDX has been an absolute game changer. I’d absolutely recommend working with the team, as they help you embrace new technology for social commerce. Their development time is really fast and they are responsive to our exact needs, making this strategy a success! "

Anh Vu-Lieberman,
CEO of ModCloth
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