eCommerce innovation: 5 really smart ideas from Asos’s checkout flow

James Wood
March 29, 2022

We've picked out 5 of the most innovative things they have done to provide a high-quality and high-converting customer experience.

ASOS innovative checkout process graphic
See how ASOS uses innovation in their checkout process for better customer experiences.

ASOS is a leading global online fashion retailer. We’ve examined their checkout process against our Checkout Best Practice checklist and picked out 5 of the most innovative things they have done to provide a high-quality and high-converting customer experience.

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1. One-click social sign in

ASOS have deeply integrated Facebook Social Sign In throughout their website. If shopping across multiple devices, signing in to retrieve your basket is one click away.

You’re automatically greeted by name if you’re already signed into Facebook, providing reassurance that you can login with a single click. There are also clear instructions on how to login if you’re on a shared device.

🌟 Tip

Enable customers to connect their existing accounts with you to Facebook and Sign In With Apple. This makes secure sign in for customers unbelievably quick and significantly increases conversion. This also reduces customers mistakenly creating new accounts if they can’t remember their password.

2. Items you previously looked at are automatically suggested in your cart

On the ASOS website, if you browsed and added a product to your basket in a previous browsing session, you’ll find it automatically suggested in your cart on your next visit.

This only happens when the item is still in stock. Automatically showing products the user has shown a significant interest in makes it much more likely they will convert, and that they will add new items to their cart, driving a larger spend.

🌟 Tip

Where a customer has looked at a product in a previous session which is now out of stock, make a recommendation for a similar item from the same range.

3. Deeply integrated Click & Collect options

Customers are looking for additional flexibility and clarity around available delivery options.

Often, Click & Collect flows are outside of the retailers main website, or open new popup windows which can be a confusing experience.

ASOS has chosen to make a very deep integration with their delivery partner to provide a Click & Collect process which is completely integrated into their checkout page.

This gives customer an experience they may be familiar with from retailers like Amazon, and makes it much easier to get their items delivered using Click & Collect.

This integration is so deep it even shows a map with your nearest collection points.

4. Clearly show delivery pricing in the checkout flow, and incentivise upgrades

ASOS has joined a growing number of retailers in offering a ‘Prime’ style unlimited delivery subscription. As has been shown in multiple case studies, customers who opt in to unlimited delivery spend significantly more. Amazon Prime members buy an average of $1,400 a year worth of items on Amazon, regular customers only spend $600.

ASOS have deeply integrated their subscription delivery service to their checkout process, making it unbelievably easy to opt into the scheme as part of your order.

ASOS have been particularly clever here by showing the standard delivery charge of £4 right next to the call to action to upgrade to unlimited shipping for £9.95 a year. That makes the customer think that for only £6 they are going to get free delivery for the rest of the year – you only to make two more orders in the next 12 months to start saving.

ASOS in return get a highly-motivated customer who is likely to spend more than double what they normally would had they not opted in to unlimited delivery.

5. Give customers the option to add items to a ‘Save for later’ list

Sometimes we all change our mind when buying items online. Maybe we decide we don’t need a specific item right now but we would like to get it on our next shop.

‘Save for later’ lists are an amazing way to incentivise customers back to your store.

ASOS utilise saved lists to re-engage customers while they are off site, generating automated emails based on any appealing price changes to items on your list.

This lets the customer know when the perfect moment is to jump back in and start their next order. It’s highly likely they will not only add the items from their saved list to their cart, but that they will add multiple other items.

This is a fantastic way to increase your customers’ average spend over the year.

🌟 Tip

Are you engaging with customers who added items to a Saved List regularly enough? Try emailing them with a coupon code to encourage them to continue their shop. They’ll not only buy the items on their Saved List but add more to their cart and have a higher order value – as well as feeling they got a great deal!

Want to evaluate your own checkout flow for best practice? Check out our new free eCommerce best practice checklist.

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