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James Wood

James is an experienced product manager with a technical background leading the product at SimplicityDX. He brings experience across small development teams and large global software development to SimplicityDX to build a product that will fix costly revenue leaks for ecommerce clients.

Some of his past successes include:

Head of Product at Movem, acquired by Barbon Insurance Group Sept 18. Built out product development processes and navigated company through a significant pivot resulting in acquisition.

First employee at Airfinity. Built out product strategy & process, built team to ~20 across Brighton & London.

Product Manager for Experian’s £100m consumer product. Managing product development and Experian software teams across locations in London, California and Nottingham.

Founded Metric - a social marketing SaaS used by customers including Tesco, T-Mobile and Monsoon Accessorize amongst others. One of the few Facebook PMD Partners. Raised two rounds of VC funding.

James is a graduate of Y Combinator's Startup School program.

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James Wood

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