Fix your edge shopping experiences

With more and more customers starting their shopping journey at the edge, providing a frictionless shopping experience between the social network and the brand sites is critical. But today clicking through from social frequently leads to broken experiences, out-of-stock products, and user frustration.

Landing on the Product Detail Page alone is a huge problem: 14% of site revenue is currently being lost, as traffic bounces off due to poor landing experiences. This makes it the biggest single leak in eCommerce, accounting for more than $700 Bn per year across the industry.

SimplicityDX fixes social commerce by creating optimized landing experiences. Experiences designed to significantly uplift conversion, compared with the standard eCommerce product detail page.

For further details of this revolutionary innovation, please contact us through the website, or if you prefer email us directly on hello@simplicitydx.com

See which experiences are impacting revenue

SimplicityDX uniquely combines campaign, product availability and digital experience data to give you a joined-up view and show you the top revenue impacting issues you need to work on each day.

See which campaigns and products need fixing

SimplictyDX shows you which campaigns are driving customers to out-of-stock products, and which products and categories are most affected. Out-of-stock experiences frustrate customers no end, especially for featured or promoted products. And it makes no sense to continue advertising products that are not available to buy, frustrating customers in the process.  

Alerts & Automation

SimplicityDX contains a powerful alerting and automation tool which allows you to set up fine grain alerts on any part of your site’s experience. Get alerted when errors spike, elements of your site are broken, when inventory issues are affecting conversions and much more. Automatically detect dead links and user frustration and get alerted. Notify the right people with targeted rich email alerts, or get notifications in your favourite apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Jira.Alerts can also be configured to automatically pause advertising campaigns that are driving traffic to poor experiences or out-of-stock products.

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