Benchmark your social commerce performance

Benchmark your Instagram shopping experience against the leaders

SimplicityDX have benchmarked the customer experience of Instagram's 29 launch checkout brands, now its your turn!

We left no stone unturned and as a result have created the most detailed picture of these influential brands' presence on instagram, the leading social commerce platform for brands.

Benchmark Your Brand Now

Benchmarking your Instagram Presence:

The social commerce benchmark criteria is extensive and includes detailed analysis of:

  • Product availability
  • Product catalogue consistency  
  • Ease of navigation
  • Checkout process
  • Customer service / communication
  • The returns process

As early adopters and innovators in their field there is lots to learn from the 29 initial brands, that includes Prada, Dior, Nike, H&M and Zara.

At SimplicityDX we are now offering you a chance to benefit from the same benchmarking framework used in this research, so you can see how your brand performs against the leaders.

PLUS, you will receive a complimentary version of the launch brands instagram Mystery Shopper benchmark results, So you can see the results for the leading Instagram brands for yourself.