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Drive more Revenue from Social with Instant Storefronts

Fix the experience gap between social media and your commerce site with high converting e-commerce storefronts

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Mind the gap between social & commerce

Shopping has moved to the edge

Customers now discover products on social, but want to buy on the eCommerce site. This jump causes an experience gap, as the rich social experience is lost on transition to the landing page.

Broken Experience on the Product Detail Page

Landing experiences from a social network to the brand website are broken:  no social context, bad links, incorrect pages, product inconsistencies and out-of-stock issues.

Costing brands revenue

The result? A 14% revenue leak for comes from directing traffic to failing product detail landing page.

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One size fits all product detail page - is a customer acquisition killer

Almost all new customer journeys start remotely, at the edge.

In reality:

Every touchpoint is different

Every campaign is different

Why are all landing pages the same?

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SimplicityDX - Increase Conversion By 20%+

Rich Contextual Shopping Experiences on the fly

The instant creation of social storefronts, brings social campaigns to life within the eCommerce site, providing a high converting shopping experience. ( which is vastly superior to the landing or category page)


Key posts are automatically transformed into mobile first composable storefronts, for ever campaign.


Content automation is easy, and storefronts are auto-tuned to maximize performance

Drive more Revenue

Drive more revenue from social with minimal effort and reduce Customer Acquisition cost by 20% or more.

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SimplicityDX - Drive more revenue from social

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1 - Set up a campaign in a few clicks

2 - Select the products you're promoting from the picklist

3 - The page is automatically generated

4 - Customers are automatically directed to the eCommerce storefront from social

5 - Reporting keeps teams up to date with storefront performance V standard landing page benchmark performance

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Press Release - Brands Losing a Record $29 for Each New Customer Acquired

New Research Shows a 222% Increase in Customer Acquisition Costs Puts Renewed Focus on E-Commerce Profitability and Repeat Sales
August 17, 2022

66% of Shoppers Cautious After Returning Products Bought on Social Media Networks

SimplicityDX, the edge experience company, today announced new research findings that two-thirds of social shoppers are more cautious about shopping on social networks again after returning a product bought there.
September 9, 2022

The eCommerce Shopping Funnel Has Changed

Over the last 30 years, the eCommerce process has been refined and tuned. In the past, brands could guide customers from search > home page > category > product > checkout with ease. But, there is a new way to shop..
September 8, 2022
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