Bridge the Gap Between Social and Commerce

SimplicityDX makes any content shoppable, anywhere with Edge Storefronts.

Reduce Customer Acquisition cost by 20% or more with Shoppable Storefronts.

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Crossing Channels = Broken Experience

Shopping journeys now start on digital channels, like social. But clicking through to your brand site is frequently a poor experience, resulting in high bounce and low conversion rates.

Extend Shopping out to The Edge

SimplicityDX extends your ecommerce system to the edge, essential for social media. Build and deploy edge storefronts in minutes by blending your social content with your product data to create social commerce experiences that drive revenue.

Stop the Bounce. Drive the Sales.

Create social storefronts in minutes that blend social, product and rich video content. Built-in AI automatically tunes experiences to show the most engaging content to keep them swiping for more.

Know which Social Channels are Driving Sales

SimplicityDX provides detailed insights into your social media performance by tracking revenue generated from each channel and campaign, giving you the information you need to optimize your marketing strategies for maximum ROI.

Watch a Short Demo of SimplicityDX and Edge Storefronts

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