Security Service Federal Credit Union (SSFCU) began in 1956 with eight members and $25 in deposits. As a federally insured and chartered financial institution, the credit union has grown into a near $10 billion member-owned organization and is proudly one of the top 10 largest unions in the USA, serving 750,000 members.

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simplicityDX advanced capabilities allow us to manage our online operations proactively, ensuring the highest service levels are always sustained.

Julian Hall - VP Enterprise Architecture and Application Development at SSFCU

With an increasing number of members choosing to self-serve online, SSFCU needed to ensure they maintained their reputation for high-quality service when members crossed over to into their online environment.

Designating the website , SSFCU provides multiple benefits, covering the breadth of day-to-day members whilst also enabling internal teams such as user experience, operations and risk.

Primarily, the solution was required to provide superior website care, with the ability to quickly identify issues to resolve them at speed. Anything that could potentially impact the service delivered to their members was prioritized. Mindful that website issues can manifest in a variety of forms, SSFCU wanted to make sure they had an early warning system in-place for any problems that could occur.

For SSFCU, the key to success would be the ability to minimize the length of time their visitors might be exposed to issues on site.

In addition to their issue resolution focus, fraud detection and prevention were also a priority for SSFCU. They required a means by which they could proactively identify unusual activity taking place online at an early stage and, a reliable data-source from which they built-out robust counter-fraud business practices to further protect their members.

The Solution

SSFCU were drawn to simplicityDX open data model and 100% cure which aligned well to their needs. Julian Hall, VP Enterprise Architecture

UserReplay remains essential for SSFCU in helping complete the picture of their members’ experience across the website.

Ever since SSFCU’S successful deployment of SimplicityDX, the application of the technology has matured and continues to deliver greater value. Initially implemented by their technical divisions for identifying functional problems, other departments including risk, customer services and user experience now all benefit from the unifying software.

SSFCU estimates that deploying simplicityDX has reduced the time required to identify and resolve issues by more than 50%.

Rare and intermittent issues that were previously hard to diagnose, have quickly been resolved as a result of the comprehensive user activity coverage provided by simplicityDX.

By having the capability to replay a customer’s journey and delve into the sophisticated insights delivered by simplicityDX, SSFCU have been able to pin-point and accurately understand any challenges that have occurred in their online environment. More crucially, however, early identification of these challenges has facilitated swift resolutions and adjustments, protecting their members’ customer experience and SSFCU’s online reputation.

A lasting partnership with the simplicityDX support team accompanied by a maturing website and CX understanding means the value SSFCU derives from the tool extends year on year. Evidence to the sustained relationship since SSFCU to use to more applications and users, continually delivering the best for its members.

Delivering value across multiple departments, and crucially, to their members, means “simplicityDX has become a must have, essential technology for us”.

Julian Hall - VP Enterprise Architecture and Application Development at SSFCU

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