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Raymond James Financial is an American multinational independent investment bank and financial services company providing financial services to individuals, corporations and municipalities.

United States
Financial Services
Working with simplicityDX is wonderful. I’ve worked with a number of simplicityDX associates to ensure a successful deployment and continued usage. The team at simplicityDX is always quick to jump on board when needed.

Abbey Ajanaku, Senior Applications Analyst.

Company Overview

Founded in 1962 and a public company since 1983, Raymond James Financial, Inc. is a diversified financial services holding company with subsidiaries engaged primarily in investment and financial planning, in addition to investment banking and asset management. Raymond James stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (RJF).

Excellence in Customer Service

As a company renowned for excellent customer service, a crucial part of the Raymond James online experience is to understand how clients are using the Investor Access website.

Prior to simplicityDX, Raymond James’s Client Services team found it difficult to monitor or recreate client sessions to ensure a high-quality service experience. For example, if a client received an error message, tracing it to where and when it was encountered during the session could be challenging.

simplicityDX now records client journeys on Raymond James’s Investor Access website which Client Services can then replay if a client reports an issue. The team can see exactly what the client is describing and either explain the cause, or the Enterprises Services team can make improvements to the web experience for the benefit of the overall client service delivery.

Raymond James’s Enterprise Services team uses UserReplay in much the same way as its Client Services team, but with a different purpose – to identify and resolve any underlying technical problem impacting the client experience. They can also identify exactly which server contains the client session, which helps to save considerable time. Once found, client sessions can be replayed to benefit client service delivery.


Raymond James’s core ethos is customer service. Anything that improves the speed and quality of client services is a positive move. Following a positive initial rollout of simplicityDX the Client Services team has fully embraced the technology. One of the first steps of training a new Client Services associate has is on simplicityDX.

Raymond James has 30 employees trained on simplicityDX, 20 in Client Services and 10 in IT support departments.

Raymond James Investor Access Support team estimates that they can now obtain useful information to ensure an exceptional web experience in half the time they were able to before adoption. UserReplay has undeniably helped Raymond James ensure its clients’ web experience and service delivery is excellent.

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