Established in 1970 and operating online since 1995, Netflights are expert flight finders taking care of millions of bookings for customers across the globe. From over 135 airlines, reduced rates at over 40,000 hotels, great offers on holidays, and fantastic deals on car hire in over 50 countries. Recently, they were named as the best comparison site for booking flights by an influential consumer group, WHICH.

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The experience with simplicityDX has been excellent. The replay, eventing and client-side validation add incredible value to our business. It’s something that we just didn’t get in any other solution.

Greg Machin, Conversion Analyst, Gold Medal Travel Group (part of dnata)

The Challenge

In the highly competitive world of online travel, much is spent on the acquisition of traffic to websites and apps in order to drive conversions. With seasonal peaks commonplace, any degradation to customer experience can have dramatic consequences to the bottom line. Therefore, the continual delivery and improvement of an exceptional customer experience is paramount to ensure loyalty, conversions and most importantly, repeat business.

This is particularly pertinent when today’s empowered customers browse multiple sites before making their final purchase decisions. Differentiation is key when the competition is just a click away.

Netflights had tried several technologies to fully understand how to optimise the user experience (UX), but understanding the ‘why’ and not just analysing the ‘what’ continued to challenge the customer centric attitude.

The Solution

Netflights had an understanding of the benefits customer experience analytics could provide in adding a layer of insight to their optimisation and data science team. As a result, they could clearly outline the immediate goals, challenges and needs to challenge whether the right solution was available.

simplicityDX was the preferred solution following an exhaustive review of the market.

Critical factors in our decision to select simplicityDX included their exceptional high-fidelity replay, the readily available rich data and the ability to establish complex events with minimal external support.

Craig Mackay, Head of Tech Product

Eventing based on multifaceted experiences was a key competency for the team as it enabled them to identify specific segments for analysis without having to code and add technical debt to the engineering teams. The visual representation of this allowed NetFlights to further quantify when segments of struggling users were reduced, highlighting the improvement in UX.

Furthermore, the simplicityDX deployment model facilitated a pain free migration and platform consolidation. Upon activating simplicityDX a customer impacting issue was found within the first 30 minutes, underlining the speed at which NetFlights could react to problems.

Core Uses

Improving customer experience within the checkout

Reducing customer struggle was of vital importance; particularly on pages of high value further down the conversion funnel. Anything from error messages to unclear price changes are potential blockers and require resolving as quickly as possible.

In order to act on frustration in real-time and at the critical stage of the buying journey, Netflights uses simplicityDX to understand what impacts our customers in minimal time and prioritize resolution based on revenue impact in the business.

Tie conversions to customer experience

With continual improvement and competitive advantage essential, tying together the entire customer experience is imperative.

By integrating simplicityDX with Google Analytics, the team could quickly identify trends and behavioural changes that could be drilled into and understood on a very granular scale. By confirming the error reports further constructed within simplicityDX, the team noted a significant increase in mobile page errors which had been redirected from a partner aggregator. Once landing on the Netflights site, these pages were expiring due to caching issues instead of displaying results. Due to the high cost implications of acquisition and unrealised revenue, this was flagged as high priority. Resolving the issue saved Netflights in excess of thousands per day in acquisition alone, as well as realising greater revenue through conversions.

Detecting fraudulent activity in real-time

As a transactional online service Netflights has to be extremely vigilant about any potentially fraudulent activity. When the previous methods used began to struggle with the demands of innovative and changing technology – the ROI of current solutions were called into question.

To this end, Netflights now leverage built in alerts within simplicityDX which simplify and streamline the entire process. Each fraud alert references relevant information such as booking numbers and IP addresses which are then passed straight to credit control teams. These teams can cross check in real-time, saving valuable resource. “Previously fraudulent activity was taking up to an hour to identify, requiring a lot of manual effort. With simplicityDX we can now detect, identify and validate within minutes.” – Greg Machin.

Customer feedback and client-side validation

As part of their continual improvement process, Netflights integrate with Voice of Customer tools such as Feefo and Trustpilot. While feedback channels provide valuable user lead responses, gaps still occurred within their incumbent solution, especially on dynamic pages with content changes. Drops in conversions were therefore missed and revenue opportunities left unrealised.

simplicityDX provides Netflights with the capability to see the whole customer picture. From any case of feedback, the team can quickly interrogate the exact experience a user had, stitching together events no matter how complex or varied the journey and calling on multiple data sets for analysis. “Client-side visibility is removing the guesswork from Netflights and is something we simply could not do with other tools”- Greg Machin, Conversion Analyst.


SimplicityDX's Enterprise Customer Experience Management provides the insights to continually understand the consumer experience and add Business Value.

Within minutes of activating simplciityDX, Netflights were able to discover a pipeline of hidden revenue opportunities by revealing the online struggles that stop their customers converting. This continual process of discovery, diagnoses and improvement closes feedback loops, reduces resolutions times, mitigates the need for issue recreation and enables the prioritisation of fixes based on business impact.

“ The whole process was great. We quickly fostered an excellent working relationship with the simplicityDX team and found the tool far more flexible than all the other suppliers we reviewed. The team really gave us the support we needed to extract value and were hands-on when required ”

Greg Machin, Conversion Analyst

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