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Market America is a major eCommerce product brokerage and internet marketing company specializing in one-to-one marketing. With more than 6 million customers and more than 180,000 independent distributors worldwide, Market America generates over $3 billion in accumulated retail sales annually.

Delighting customers is critical today— you can’t ignore it. If customers have a challenge with your experience, they’ll quickly leave for a competitor.

Michael Brady – CIO at Market America

The Market America team faced several challenges on the way to delighting customers and increasing revenue:

  • Visualizing the customer experience across a complex product portfolio, high traffic volumes and across nearly 40 brands
  • Providing intelligence that can rapidly improve the customer experience
  • Helping IT prioritize issues based on revenue impact to drive business value faster
  • Becoming more proactive about finding and resolving customer experience struggle
  • Unlocking revenue potential by incrementally improving conversion rate optimization

“We capture the simplicityDX ID for each customer interaction and integrate it with our other digital intelligence solutions—from Voice of the Customer to analytics, to application performance management and beyond. That way, when we seek to understand what customers are doing on our sites, we can go in and play back specific sessions.”

The solution

Market America needs consistent, relevant and prioritized insights into what site visitors want (and need). To achieve this level of consistency across the business, Market America distributes a daily customer experience report, powered by simplicityDX, that lists all anomalies and struggles across all affiliate sites.

Core Uses

The daily customer experience report is prepared with simplicityDX data and sent directly to Market America’s COO, as well as several other functional areas within the firm−Technology, Customer Service, Quality Assurance, Marketing and User Experience. The highest priority for each of these major stakeholders is to analyze and immediately remediate any issue affecting the checkout funnel.

However, their specific assignments vary based on function:


With simplicityDX, the Market America IT team can quickly identify key customer experience issues, access the session data and prioritize resolution based on revenue impact.


Differentiating the company and providing an optimal user journey are the main objectives for this department. Granular data and replays help optimize the user experience and messaging while also reducing struggle in the buying process.


simplicityDX helps customer support employees to proactively reach out to users experiencing issues. With UserReplay, Market America also handles incoming service requests quickly with readily- accessible insights into specific customer journeys.


The QA team is tasked with identifying every ounce of struggle in the technical processes for all Market America sites. UserReplay helps QA uncover even the smallest issues that might only affect a minor subset of users.

The daily report gives these teams easy access to specific user sessions just by clicking on the ID number. These ID’s capture data in all aspects of the customer experience – ordering, feedback, error messages, hard errors, etc.

5 stage digital intelligence process – the impact of simplicityDX

The simplicityDX customer experience analytics solution is the foundation of Market America’s digital intelligence strategy. With simplicityDX in place, Brady and Market America have been able to build out a 5-stage process to improve insights and delight customers:

  • Discover and visualize issues to understand the context of struggle
  • Quantify issues based on revenue impact
  • Resolve customer experience issues in order of revenue priority
  • Alert/monitor customer experience indicators for real-time anomaly
  • Analyze the root cause of technical challenges

This process has served Market America’s goal of delighting customers by helping multiple functional areas throughout the organization make sense of big data.

By digging behind the data collected from customers, Market America has been able to act on specific points of struggle – whether that means reducing the number of clicks in the checkout process, ensuring people aren’t hitting errors when adding items to their carts or generally speeding up the eCommerce experience.

With every team in the organization working from the same simplicityDX customer journey data, Market America has been able to prove the ROI of customer experience analytics.

Proactively resolving customer struggle and incrementally addressing conversion rate optimization challenges unlocks revenue potential that and affiliate sites have earned but have lost to issues in the customer experience.

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